SACKit bean bags add spice to your life.

We always choose the best quality materials for our bean bags and we never cut corners when it comes to stitching and other important details. That is the reason why SACKit bean bags are exceptionally durable. We truly believe that careful workmanship is key to creating products that stand the test of time.

Our bean bags will mold to the shape of your body and provide you with the support you need regardless of your sitting position. The airy and light bean bag filler provides a good cushioning effect and makes it easy for you to shape your bean bag into the exact kind of chair you want.

With its superior quality and excellent design, a SACKit bean bag is the perfect piece of furniture for any room in your home. In the children’s room the bean bag will offer a smooth and comfy seat ideal for playing games, watching TV and reading and in the living room or sunroom it will tempt everyone to plunge into it for the ultimate relaxation.

With an attractive design and finish, SACKit goes well with any room décor and the only limit is your imagination.

Functional design


Fast to light


• Contains approximately 350 litres first quality EPS beads R-grade CAS 9003-53-6 non-toxic.
• Choose between ten exclusive colours.
• Made from wear-resistant and easy-to-clean nylon fabric.
• Small stains and dirt can easily be removed with a well-wrung, damp cloth.
• Measures 135 x 175 cm.
• Practical and sturdy strap ensures easy transportation and makes it possible to hang the bean bag.

Le produit est livré uniquement en Suisse à l'adresse indiquée pendant la commande. La livraison est effectuée au plus tard sous 10 jours ouvrables.
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